Is Your Dewpoint Monitor Reading and Working Properly?

Dewpoint Monitor Maintenance & Compliance

It is more important than ever to ensure your dewpoint monitor is reading and working properly. With the common use of economy mode that relies on the dewpoint monitor to control the moisture levels, an improper working or reading dewpoint can cause moisture to develop inside your medical air lines. The damage to critical life-saving medical gas equipment could be devastating and compromise patient safety.

Tips on maintaining a dew point monitor include, but not be limited to:
  • Check yearly to ensure the monitor still provides reliable, accurate measurements.
  • Verify proper operation and calibration. If needed, recalibrate the monitor per manufacturers’ requirements.
  • Do not store for long periods before being installed.
  • Do spot checks with a portable hydrometer.

As part of the MTA annual inspections, we ensure proper operation of the dewpoint monitor and many other essential medical gas components. Contact us today.



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