Summer Is Coming: Stay Cool With MTA!

Summer Is Coming: Stay Cool With MTA

With summertime right around the corner. The rising temperatures are a deadly threat to your mechanical rooms’ med gas source equipment.
The ambient temperature for any source equipment in mechanical rooms may not exceed 105°F according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
With higher temperatures, equipment will have a much higher failure rate. Any failures caused by an operation exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations may void any warranty throwing the cost of repair or replacement back on your facility. 
So what to do? 
  • If your mechanical room is approaching or exceeding 105°F, adjust the air conditioning (if present) as required. If that still doesn’t do the trick, use fans to bring the ambient as close to 105°.
  • Perform preventative maintenance services such as changing the oil and replacing mineral oil with synthetic more often.
  • Vacuum pump and air compressor control panel filter elements changed frequently will provide maximum air circulation in the panel.
  • Daily temperature checks should ensure safe operating temperatures for the systems.
  • Mechanical rooms should have adequate air circulation.  
Don’t hesitate to contact your MTA Facilities Representative with any questions or concerns about your Source Equipment.


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